Garbage Pick Up Services

We provide service to the City of Tillamook and certain areas of Tillamook County. Our residential and commercial service boundary goes from Juno Hill to the north and Green Timber road to the south. We go to the summit of Hwy 6 (Wilson River Hwy) to the east and Oceanside, Netarts, and Cape Lookout State Park to the west.

City Sanitary Service provides a variety of trash collection options.  Please click on the file below to see what the pricing is in your area.  We would love to hear from you, so please contact us if you have any questions about service in your area.  We make every attempt to provide service to anyone that requests it.  There are, however, some locations that will only have one kind of service available due to terrain or other unchangeable circumstances.  These are assessed on a case by case basis and are very rare.


If any schedule change on our part is being made due to a Holiday, then it will be communicated on this website and on your bill prior to the Holiday.  If your service does not fall on the date of the Holiday then you are golden and have no change to consider.

FAQ: Can I dispose of my Christmas Tree?  You can dispose of your Christmas tree for an additional fee that will be added to your account.  If the tree is determined to be too large to safely compact, then the driver simply will not pick it up.

How it works:

Trash receptacles must be available for pick up by 4:30 a.m. without being blocked.  We suggest putting them out the night before.  If your can is not out when the driver arrives there can be a call‐back fee. Yard service trash receptacles must be located so the collector will not have to go through enclosures or low overhangs to reach them.  The route driver can refuse service at his discretion.  DEQ states to put trash into bags and then put it into the cart or can.  However, DEQ recommends recyclables put into the blue carts are to be kept loose. Your service day will remain the same every week.  There is an option for 2 pickups per month on the first and third weeks of the month.

FAQ: What to do with packing peanuts, shredded paper, and pet litter? All those particular items must be contained in small bags or pre‐wrapped.  Hazardous materials, medical, and e‐waste* cannot be included in the regular garbage. See the Prohibitives list below.

FAQ: Will it save money to have only two pickups per month?  Your best price will always be a weekly service. You can pay the price for two pickups per month but for a little over a dollar more you can get the weekly service.  Check out the pricing chart for your area at the link below.

FAQ: What happens if my can is missed?  Please contact us as soon as you notice it.  If the driver is still in the area then we may be able to swing back by to get it.  If you forgot to put the cart out then we can arrange to return to collect the trash but a “go back” fee will be applied.

Trash can(s) owned by the customer must have handles and have a lid that is water-tight and rodent‐proof.  The size limit for customer-owned cans is 32 gallons, and it must weigh no more than 50 pounds.  If you want a cart on wheels then it must be rented through CSS.

FAQ: What is the benefit of renting a roll cart?  One nice thing about our roll carts is that the trucks do the lifting so the carts can take up to 200-pound versus the 50-pound weight limit for personal cans.  In addition, our roll carts have an attached lid and are square.  These features can help in small ways during wind events. (35, 60 & 90 gallon roll carts are available to rent for $3.00 per month, plus the price for service.)

FAQ: What if I need to put more trash out than planned?  Feel free to call us and let us know and we can relay that to the driver, or you can set it out and the driver will make a note for us and we can add the additional service to your account.  If your can is overweight and the driver must split up the load to meet the weight requirement or if your garbage is above the rim of your cart then the driver will let us know.  In this case, an extra charge will also be applied to your account according to the amount stated by your technician.

Heavy waste such as some yard debris, can be disposed of in small quantities but must be under the weight limit. Bulky items cannot exceed 6 feet in length and the diameter must be less than three feet to be picked up with regular garbage service. Additional fees may apply.

FAQ: What do I do if I want to clean out a house? 13, 20 & 30-yard drop boxes are available to rent for furniture and other bulky waste. Call our office for more information.

DOs and DON’Ts:

         Here are some “DON’Ts” – We are unable to take hazardous waste items at any time.  You will find more information about how to properly dispose of medical waste and e-waste on the recycle tab of this website.

FAQ: What is e-waste?  E-waste only consists of computers, monitors, televisions, printers, keyboards and mice. City Sanitary Service no longer accepts E-Waste. These items can be taken to the local Goodwill in Tillamook, or directly to the Tillamook County Transfer Station.  Please contact those businesses if you have any questions.

FAQ: Are prescriptions considered medical waste?  In this case, we do not dispose of prescriptions or drugs of any form or kind.  You can check with local law enforcement to safely dispose of these items.


Here is a basic list of items that cannot be disposed of within household garbage: aerosol spray cans, ammunition, weapons or explosives, asbestos, batteries, diesel/gasoline, electronics, fertilizer, fluorescent bulbs, herbicides, motor oil, medical waste, paint, pesticides/poison, solvents, or syringes. Failure to comply can result in a minimum fine of $500. You can also become responsible for any additional fines or fees for proper disposal.  If you are unsure if something is hazardous then please ask us.

FAQ: What do I do with my hazardous materials?  Many hazardous items can be recycled during the Household Hazardous Waste events generally held the first Saturday of the month at 1315 Ekloff Rd between 9 a.m and 1 p.m.  For more information check out or call (503) 815-3975.

We do encourage recycling! That is a “DO”.  A curbside commingle recycling program is available for our regular customers. In addition, a recycle center is available at our 2303 11th St. yard in Tillamook, however, it is not a drop location for trash.  Check out our recycle page for more information.

Do you have a nice guard dog?  Then please be sure that our technicians are not in any danger.  Often times the technicians begin their shifts when it is dark and when a stranger comes around to try to take something in the dark then this can increase your pet’s anxiety.  This might mean that you will need to secure your pet during the hours that the driver can pick up your trash.


Our billing cycle runs every other month with residential accounts billed two (2) months in advance of each service period and commercial accounts billed in arrears.  Online BillPay is available through this website.  Though it doesn’t happen often, some customers might forget to make a payment.  Overdue accounts may have service suspended and/or a collection fee of up to 1.5% of the overdue amount.


We are pleased to welcome online payments and also have an AutoPay option to set it and forget it.  If you choose AutoPay from our website, then the payment will draw from your account on or around the 18th of the month depending on your financial institution.  A unique ID number is required to create a login for your account using this website.  This can be found in the center part of your bill or contact us if you have not received a bill yet.  We also welcome payments by phone with a credit or debit card.  Of course, you can mail your payment to our PO Box 486, Tillamook, OR 97141, and be sure to include the payment stub. No staples.  Another option is to drop a check with the payment stub through the payments slot next to our door at the office on 2303 11th Street in Tillamook.  Money orders or cash are also options.

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