Recycling Information

Update: As of November 1st, 2017 we have made some changes to our plastic recycling options. We will no longer accept film plastic due to a lack of marketability and we will only be accepting #1 necked plastic bottles, #2 frosty bottles, and jugs, and #2 colored bottles and jugs. Updated PDF.

City Sanitary Services provides curbside recycling to the city of Tillamook and those within the Urban Growth Boundary (You can view the map here). Read our Q&A Document or contact us with any questions.

We now have a Curbside Commingle Recycle Program:

2019 Curbside Commingled
Pickup Calendar

2019 Office Paper Recycling

Curbside Commingled Flyer

Plastic Recycling Info

We also have Commercial Business Recycling Programs available in limited areas.

Office Paper and Cardboard Recycling

Items we accept at City Sanitary Service Lot at 2303 11th St in Tillamook:

Newspaper | Glass | Tin Cans | Cardboard | Aluminum | Scrap Metal | Refrigerator/Freezers | Washers/Dryers | Dishwashers | Tires | Plastic | Auto and Rechargeable Batteries | Medical Waste sharps containers ($15 minimum/$15 per gallon)

Click on each image to view info on that category.



Tin Cans


Plastic (Updated 4/1/18)


Other Recycling
Other (Updated 4/1/18)

Medical Waste (Updated 4/1/18)

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Check out the Kickstarter Project we ran to bring recycling to Tillamook, we made a fun video that you can watch on the page.