Recycling Information

As of July 1, 2019, ALL regular residential customers in any of our service areas can now be a part of our Curbside Commingled Recycling program.

Participants in the curbside commingled recycling program (CCR) will have delivered to their service address a 90-gallon blue roll cart to hold the recyclables.  The 90 gallon cart is the only size available for this service. 

If you don’t have very much in your bin, then you don’t have to put it out on the service day.  If you cart is not at the curb then it won’t be dumped.  The small price for service remains the same if you put the cart to the curb or not.  City Sanitary Service will haul the truckload of recyclables to the Tillamook County Transfer station and we must meet their requirements to deposit the load. 

Please review the limitations carefully so as not to put any contaminants in your bin, such as glass, shredded paper, plastic bags or other unaccepted plastics.  The customer is key in keeping the contents acceptable.  If you have a vacation rental and would like to participate, then you must have someone that can sort through and remove contaminants just before the cart is dumped and be sure the cart is placed curbside before our truck arrives.  Carts that repeatedly mix in contaminants may be charged to have the bin dumped as trash.  That cost is equal to dumping three cans of trash. 

The Transfer Station will accept the truckload of recyclables on the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.  This means we only offer the recycling pickups on those weeks.  In most cases your day for recycling will be the same as your trash service day, just on the 2nd and 4th weeks.  The blue cart should be put curb or roadside either the night before or before 4:30 a.m. on the morning of service.  In-yard service is not available for this service option.  Please note that periodically there are two weeks in between pickups.  This happens after months that have five of your service days.  See calendar.  We want to make this program work to keep the recycling option available.  Contact us today to sign up.

Current Calendars for our Recycle Programs:

2023 Curbside Commingled Pickup Calendar

Curbside Commingled Flyer

Plastic Recycling Info


We also have Commercial Business Recycling Programs available in limited areas.

  • Office Paper Recycling
  • Cardboard Recycling

2023 Office Paper Recycling Schedule

Visit our free self-service recycle center at 2303 11th Street in Tillamook located on the East side of the parking lot.

We accept the following:

Newspaper | Glass | Tin Cans | Cardboard | Aluminum | Scrap Metal | Refrigerator/Freezers | Washers/Dryers | Dishwashers | Plastic Jugs or Bottles (marked #1 or #2)

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Medical Waste